Welcome to Terminally Tough.
A blog dedicated to my personal journey through chronic and terminal illness.

“I am afflicted with sixteen rare diseases. They are difficult to diagnose, tough to manage and almost impossible to treat. Sadly, for me and my fellow sufferers, there is no cure. I have been given a limited life expectancy and told that these debilitating conditions are going to end my life. In my blog posts I shall address many health issues, but also discuss being a mother, missus and young woman in this ever changing world.”

Define Terminal Illness

Terminal Illness, is a term used to describe a progressive condition, illness or disease in its final stages. This means that palliative care can be given (which can include treatments to help prolong life as much as possible), but ultimately there is no cure & the patient will die sooner or later. You will commonly come across the phrase “Terminal Illness” when discussing subjects such as; stage 4 cancer, end stage cystic fibrosis, hospice, palliative care, specialist pain management etc.

Terminally Tough and all site content is owned by Willow Lennard. Photos and Media are Copyright of Willow Lennard 2019©

Photos or media featuring my children will not be posted online


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