Game Night at The Lennard’s

Life has thrown our family some absolute crap over the last six years and it taught us many life lessons, one of which was who how loyal our friends are, they always find a way of keeping the sparkle in our lives. So, we now host game night in our home roughly once a month with our closest friends. It’s my luck in life to be surrounded by such hysterical men. It reminds me just how privileged we are to have built a close-knit circle and being the only woman means the lads enjoy ripping it out of me!

Saturday’s choice was Game of Thrones Monopoly, until the lads decided that insulting each other over Cards Against Humanity was an even better idea. We spent the evening navigating the game around our friend Darren’s obscure ramblings and have established new nicknames for Anthony & Dan – Fat Man & Little Boy. As usual, darling Stewart is an absolute angel and poor Kyle was in the immediate vicinity of Darren’s anus!

I am so thankful that bed rest has been a success over this week because in general I am feeling much more rested. It enabled me to wholeheartedly participate in game night, engage in the flow of conversation without getting confused and stimulate my brain so I was able to get a quality nights sleep. As usual, my lovely lads cleared up after themselves, put my lounge back in order and didn’t wake me as they left to jump in their cabs.

The next morning, Anthony was already planning our next game night (I have a feeling it will be a big one)! I thrive off the energy that the lads put into game night prep, it gives me something to look forward to and a small goal to rest and recuperate for. We all have such brilliant evenings together and are expanding our game diversity as a group. Dan came up with the idea of making game night more frequent, so we settled on weekly Dungeons and Dragons, with Dan as dungeon master. Some of us have never played D&D before and others are highly versed in that universe. The planning of the characters, actions and quests are going to be a challenge to get my head around as everything is deeply complex in D&D. But I am sure the lads will get a laugh out of navigating me through this new realm.

Stay tuned for our photo gallery from our next game night!

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