Self Care Sunday!

Sunday is my favourite day of the week. It usually consists of; relaxation, self care or spending time as a family.

Anthony’s Sunday

Sunday’s start with a lay in for me & Anthony, it’s the one day a week that he gets a slight break. Anthony will then catch up on; sport, reading, football manager, research & cycling around the beautiful Surrey countryside. We he returns home, he’ll sort out all my medication for the upcoming week, sort lunches for his working weekdays, take apart his bicycles and clean them meticulously, whilst continuing to tackle my daily care.

My Sunday

My Sunday’s can vary quite a bit, but I like to make the most of them where I possibly can. It’s the one day a week where I feel I can fully relax. I use this opportunity to practise the majority of my self care. Now, it is something that I would love to share with you, my readers. From now on, my Sunday posts will be dedicated to self care; what methods I am practising, which products I am using, my skincare routine, my latest cosmetic finds & my general activities.

So, I shall start with today ….

  • I made sure I had a good quality sleep, overnight Saturday & woke refreshed at 6 am.
  • I took my regular morning medication & searched YouTube for the new Game Of Thrones series 8 trailer & character breakdowns. We are so excited for the new and final series!
  • By 9 am I had fallen back to sleep (my morning meds makes me extremely sleepy), all I remember is Anthony removing my headphones from my head & closing the iPad.
  • Then at 4:30 pm, Anthony opened my bedroom door. I don’t know how, but he must have a sixth sense because he knows when not to wake me. I hadn’t woken in so long that he was now getting concerned.

  • He made sure to; re-hydrate me, feed me, dose me up with more medication & re-positioned me, so my airways could clear more easily.
  • I’ve been having trouble keeping my oxygen circulating, meaning I feel cold most of the time. Anthony wrapped me in three blankets, a duvet and his dressing gown, in order to warm me up.
  • I had a 40 minute power nap! (fatigue is a killer, I just don’t understand how I could still be so tried!) And got up to wash and dress.
  • Sunday afternoons are when I use charcoal toothpaste. It helps remove stains & contains a higher percentage of fluoride. Due to some of the controlled drugs I take, my teeth and gums get damaged over time. The increased fluoride & stain removing properties of charcoal toothpaste helps keep my teeth in tip top condition.

Superdrug Charcoal Toothpaste
  • Clarins gentle foaming cleanser, is my go to face wash & I use it every day.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser
  • Followed by the Clarins iris toner & Clarins cooling gel moisturiser.

Hydra-Essentiel Cooling Cream-Gel
  • I cleaned and dried my stoma site, checked over my urine bag for leaks or damage & readjusted my leg strap where it was uncomfortable.
  • I got back into bed & switched on Amazon Prime Video. It’s got some of my favourite American TV Series on it. Of course, Greys Anatomy is my Sunday binge watch!
  • Anthony has been experimenting in the kitchen & is becoming a brilliant chef! He made us a delicious dinner (which I ate in bed).
  • I applied a glycolic acid serum by NIP+FAB, to my t-zone. NIP+FAB are fast becoming a brand I swear by & I cannot seem to get enough of their masks. Especially their oxygenating bubble face mask.

Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow Extreme XXL
  • Now, I shall check my diary for the week, creating event or appointment reminders and making sure all my alarms are set. Preventing me from sleeping through; medication times, phone calls, hospital visits, district nurse appointments, calls from my counselling service or our daughters school, comes with some difficulty. Organisation and weekly prep, is something that allows me just to get up and go, whilst eliminating daily stresses about meeting deadlines.
  • Lastly, no I am prepped for my week ahead and ready for bed, I shall take my last set of medication, meditate for 10 -30 minutes & then snuggle down for the night.

Remember, if you have any questions for me, suggestions on new products/practises to try out, want honest product reviews or are simply just wanting to be a bit nosy – then please contact me via the ‘Contact Me’ page.

Thank you!

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