Self Care Sunday!

Buttons (L) Chip (R)

Sunday was not so much about caring for me, but caring for my little boy. Chip, is nine years old and recently had seven tumours removed from his body. All seven tumours were sent to a pathology laboratory and five came back positive for an aggressive form of skin cancer. Shockingly, this type of mast cell cancer is common in Chocolate Labradors, both his big brother, baby sister and Mum, have all had these evil tumours.

Chip bravely went through resection surgery on all seven tumours and has been recovering for a few weeks. Sadly, two of his wounds were large and on joints, allowing the wounds to burst open and Chip had to go back into surgery.

Chip continues to battle canine cancer and is having his wounds dressed and cleaned daily, by his dedicated vet team. Like his big sister, Chip is a fighter, he always gets nasty infections and takes a little while to heal. They say dogs are like their owners, in this case our resemblance in uncanny!

We will continue to monitor him closely and make his last months with us as happy and filled with love as can be. We have been reassured that he is in no pain, he still has a wonderful quality of life and have been advised not to put him to sleep. Chip has a dedicated veterinary team giving him exceptional care, they all agree his time is not yet and he still has much more life to live. Chip is the happiest, dopiest and most wiggly dog – he loves to have the base of his tale tickled, belly rubs, to be sung to and he wags from nose to tail.

Buttons (L) Chip (R)

So, knowing what we know now, we have decided that until Chip shows signs of pain or a declining quality of life, we will keep him home with his brother and make him as comfortable as possible. His quality of life is what matters most to us and we will strive to do what is best for our little champ, right until the very end. Chemotherapy (or any other type of treatment), will not cure his cancer, nor will it prolong his life in the slightest – but it will make his last moments with us tough and miserable. We will not put our darling boy through any unnecessary trauma – he is too precious and deserves a peaceful passing.

Chip has brought us many years of unconditional love and even more laughs! He has been the sweetest, most simple and purest of souls. We hope to show him how just how much we adore him during his remaining months with us.

I will update you all on Chip’s condition every now and again. Thank you, to everyone who has been there so far, to support; Chip, our Mum, Buttons and me, through this devastating news. Our boys are the centre of our family and our greatest loves, this has been like having a hole punched through our chests – it is not often I am left speechless. Here is to our darling boy, may he continue to live within the warmth of our love forever more.

❤️Chippy & Sissy❤️

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