Christina Sparkle – Zebra Awareness

I am extremely fortunate to have met some incredible people through EDS UK. We have many online and physical support groups. The illness we all share has a silver lining – we relate to each other in ways that the able-bodied do not and friendships blossom.

One of those friendships is with the beautiful Christina. Like many of my fellow sufferers, Christina struggles daily (which is an understatement!), but her bright and colourful spirit, inspires us all. Christina is constantly supporting others in our community despite her own health worries, being a wife, mother, fur mumma and friend.

Christina Sparkle!

Sadly, many of our dear friends are unable to work (like me), because we are just too damn poorly, it sucks! I personally believe, that this struggle makes us explore different purposes, hobbies and ventures in life. Christina, (when well enough) contributes to our wonderful community and charity, EDS UK, by creating beautiful, handcrafted bracelets, to raise awareness of our community.

As you can tell from Christina’s beautiful hair, she is highly creative and sees the world in screaming colour. This is an element that she portrays in her awareness bracelets. Christina’s colour and zest for life, is prominent in her creative work and spirit, as well as her desire to help others. Please support Christina and our extensive community, by purchasing an awareness bracelet.

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Christina Sparkle – Founder of Zebra Awareness Bracelets UK

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