20 Questions!

Q1. Do you like who you are right now?

A1. I am content with the person I am today, yes.

Q2. When was the last time you laughed?

A2. Last night, I laugh every day.

Q3. Do you live with regrets?

A3. I don’t think I do live with regrets. I wish I had done some things differently or handled things in a better way, but I consider those instances more lessons, than regrets.

Q4. Is there something that a loved one has told you, that made you see things in a new light?

A4. Yes, Anthony has a saying, “it is what it is”. He says it regularly and it awakened me to that fact that, some things just happen, that’s life. You have no control over it, so it is easier just to accept it and move on. I worry much less now because of that understanding.

Q5. What are three lessons you. have learned the hard way?

A5. One, blood isn’t always thicker than water. Two, our legal system is utterly flawed. Three, you only get one great love in your life.

Q6. Does money serve me, or am I a servant of money?

A6. Money serves me. I am not at all money orientated.

Q7. What are three things you are grateful for?

A7. My family, my friends and my dogs.

Q8. What is a proud recent achievement?

A8. I am proud of myself for, learning to how successfully work out my years finances without an accountant.

Q9. What one thing do you think could change the world?

A9. Genuine Equality For All – as standard.

Q10. What is one of your aspirations for life?

A10. To be happy and healthy.

Q11.What annoys you most?

A11. I hugely struggle with hypocrites!

Q12. Do you think Terminally Tough actually helps anyone?

A12. To be quiet honest, despite my regular contact with many visitors to Terminally Tough, on various platforms, I write the blog for my own kind of self help/relief. If however, this blog touches one person, allows me to reach someone on a personal level, makes one person feel understood or less alone, then I have put some good and kindness into the world.

Q13. Do you want to change the world?

A13. I would be lying if I said I had no desire to; educate, inform and inspire others, if that changes their world for the better, then thats wonderful. But my soul purpose on this Earth, is to make a better world for my little family. If I can change my families world for the better, then my job is done.

Q14. Am I worthy of being loved?

A14. I whole-heartedly believe that we are all worthy of love. No matter who you are, how; successful, cruel, happy or hateful you are, on some level you deserve love. Love is powerful, it can save you or break you, but everyone is worthy of it. I have found that those often most in need of love, are those who don’t always appear outwardly worthy.

Q15. If you could meet someone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

A15. Stephen Hawking or Robin Williams. I admire Prof.Hawking for his brilliant mind and for breaking so many barriers for disabled people. Robin Williams, through his acting has brought so much joy to my life, I would like to meet him and become friends.

Q16. What is a major turn off for you?

A16. Major turn offs for me are; someone who cannot hold an intelligent conversation, hit it and quit it scenarios, pre-judging the other party, not being able to agree to disagree (I have my own mind and opinions) and bad manners!

Q17. Touch-typing or Single-finger button pushing?

A17. Oh, I learned to tough-type early on and picked it up with speed. Thanks Daddy!

Q18. How is your book writing coming?

A18. This is not something I talk about too much. Thank you, for asking such a great question! I am; dream-boarding, mood-boarding and creating a collection of stories from real event from people close to me, they are my inspiration. It is still very much a work in progress and I will not set a time limit on it, but I am loving every minute of it!

Q19. Who will you go the extra mile for?

A19. Anthony says I am a people pleaser, so he would probably say I go extra fro most people. However, I believe I’ll go extra for those who have earned my loyalty.

Q20. Have you considered Vlogging?

A20. I did seriously consider vlogging and using YouTube as my platform. I found blogging more therapeutic and have had great success with WordPress in the past, hence why I chose it as my host platform for Terminally Tough. Having said that, I have not ruled out vlogging altogether, but vlogging takes up even more time. Time management can be particularly difficult when you are balancing family life and terminal/chronic illness and I didn’t want to start something I could not fully commit to long-term.

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