Self Care Sunday!

Following on from last weeks post about our darling Chippy, I am pleased to say that his wounds have started to heal nicely. Although he is exhausted and sleeping lots, his tail never stops wagging and he’s still his usual happy self. Chip’s veterinary team are pleased with his progress and were delighted to see his big brother, Buttons in the exam room for moral support. Those two are inseparable!

Happy Chippy!

Chippy being so unwell and the realisation that we are going to lose him, has given us all a great deal of emotional stress and heartache. To watch him be so brave is a testament to his character – if anything, he keeps us strong. Anthony and I were talking about it all and he reminded me, “If you don’t look after yourself, how on Earth are you supposed to look after Chippy?”

That set my head working on a less emotional train of thought, because he is right (yes, that does pain me to admit – Anthony was right)! So, I pulled myself together and decided to take better care of myself.

I brushed my hair, cleaned my teeth, showered, cleansed my face and sat at my dressing table with my favourite Sunday Self Care Skincare Treats.

SOS Pure Rebalancing Clay Mask
Glycolic Fix Bubble Mask Extreme
Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Mask
Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Mask Extreme
Dragon’s Blood Fix Hydration Mask
No Needle Fix Eye Mask
Use a combination of your favourite masks, as certain areas of the face require more targeted treatment (ie. T-zone) and others are highly sensitive (ie.Eyes).

I applied Clarins SOS Pure Rebalancing Clay Mask to my t-zone to target the oily points of my face, followed by the NIP+FAB Hydrate Dragon’s Blood Fix Lip Mask.

My lips are drying out due to having the central heating on. Using the NIP+FAB Lip Mask along with the GLAMGLOW POUTMUD™ Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment, has increased softness and reduced lip splitting or chapped lip pain on the inner corners of my mouth. Chapping and splitting of my lips can happen so easily, as my medication makes me unbelievably dehydrated and hydration is such an important part of skincare.

I can also have extremely sensitive skin at times, so finding great quality skincare that does not; have a high price tag, irritate or inflame my skin or cause an allergic reaction, is must for me. Having dehydrated under eyes can cause; deflated and thirsty skin, sunken eyes, dark circles, eye bags and uneven skin tone. The NIP+FAB Hydrate Dragon’s Blood Fix Eye Mask, helps combat all those common under eye complaints and is gentle on the notoriously delicate part of the face.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF15

Once all the masks had been in place for 10-20 minutes (always follow instructions or guidelines written on the packaging – timing may vary), I removed and discarded all individual masks and gently massaged the serum left behind into my skin, without pulling my skin. Gentle massage, increases oxygenation and blood flow to the area.

Finally, using my a face cloth (or cotton rounds) with warm water, I wiped away the clay mask from my t-zone. My skin was left feeling; firm, taught, extremely supple and with no visible pores. To seal the hydrating serum into my lips, I finished off by applying Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Protect Lip Care.

Parks And Recreation

After spending the afternoon concentrating on my skin, I thought it was about time to focus on the inside. No matter how beautiful my skin felt or how much relief it bought me, I knew I had to act on my mental self care.

I wrote down some fears and worries that feel quite prominent in my life at present. As I began to mull these over, I discovered that I literally had no control over these events that were causing me such distress. The only way to conquer these feelings was to face it head on and try to accept that this is a normal part of life.

That’s when I started to meditate. I took deep breaths, focused my centre and just pictured Chippy in my mind. While taking deep breaths I began to see and feel clarity within. All these picture perfect memories of my life with Chip came flooding forward. I was able to look back on our time as a family with such love and laughter. We have had such an incredible life together and we love each other fiercely, it won’t be Goodbye, It is simply, See You Soon.

Until the inevitable happens, I shall continue to self care and care for Chippy too. Loving him, playing with him and his brother, snuggling him and his favourite monkey toy and watching him wag his whole body with his cheeky smiling face, is self care for my soul. My boys have been the greatest gift, my life savers and my best friends – being with them is the best form of self care, long may it continue.

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