Mothering Sunday

Firstly, I wish my Mother, Grandmother’s & Godmother, a very Happy Mothering Sunday.

Secondly, I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to Anthony’s beloved Grandmother’s, Auntie Carol, my lovely Stepmother & Stepsister.

Furthermore, I wish my darling girlfriends a very Happy Mother’s Day. My seven godchildren bring me joy beyond words & I’m blessed to be chosen as their Godmother.

Today, more than other days can be traumatic for those who have layed to rest their beautiful children & beloved mothers.

👼🏽H, Kaiser, Ava, Bump, Ben, Baby & Sprog👼🏼

💜Kate, Joyce, Carole, Fluff, Kitty, Doris & Anne💜

Today & always, you are in our hearts & souls. Your love lives on through your family & you are treasured beyond words. Thank you, for gracing our lives with your love & your presence – no matter for how long or short. You are loved beyond measure, forevermore.

It’s no secret that I struggle with Mother’s Day, as do many. This year my love goes directly to The Webber Family💜, my darling baby cousins; Illy, Tia & Oakley💜 & one of my best friends💙.

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