I realise I haven’t posted in roughly a week, it’s been an odd week or two for reasons that aren’t always obvious. I’ve been battling an infection on and off in my stoma site for months; it flares up, gets treated and settles for a few days, then low and behold it returns with a vengeance. This process is exhausting and fatigue is a massive issue for me at the moment. Over the weekend I roughly slept for sixteen hours every day!

I’m pleased to say, that I am fully out of my gastro relapse and my infection markers are much lower than before, but fatigue is killing me. The slightest change in my ‘normal’ schedule is knocking me for days. For example, we had a slight back up of washing so I was doing multiple smaller loads for several days, so not to over weigh the drum. That extra energy used, all the bending, stretching and change in blood pressure, knocked me off my feet for 4-6 days! How ridiculous is that?

Anthony, has recently noticed that my stamina during activities has dramatically reduced; the distance I can walk indoors, keeping up in conversation or during social activities, my length in concentration and the amount I am able to eat in one go. He strongly believes that this is down to my lengthy 4 month bedrest. I am currently struggling with very basic tasks; keeping my bedside table clear, getting to the bathroom and washing myself. Of course, Anthony assists where he can, but I am craving my independence!


Recently, we found out that our darling puppy is dying of cancer. He still lives in my family home and we are visiting him practically every weekend. We visited him and his big brother on Saturday, they were both super bouncy and full of kisses for us. Chippy, only wanted his favourite monkey teddy and his bottom tickled and Buttons, just wanted to kiss Anthony’s beard! Typical! Anthony and Buttons are best friends, inseparable and always kissing each other (Buttons kisses all his human friends, but Anthony most of all).

Chippy, had a check up with his vet, so we had Buttons for a few hours. I had an episode, after a loud sound from the television triggered a small seizure in my eyes. Buttons, instantly got to his feet and stuck himself between me and my mum. His stance changed and his fur stood on end when he heard Anthony’s tone of voice. Buttons sat with his chin on my knee until he deemed me well enough not to guard anymore. When our daughter was learning to toddle, Buttons was her shadow, he is exactly the same when his Sissy is poorly. I eventually fell asleep on the sofa, closely watched by Buttons and his bestie.

Sadly, Anthony’s wonderful Grandmother Annie-May, suddenly passed away recently. Anne, was a brilliant Grandmother and a loving Great Grandmother. From the moment she met me, she welcomed me into her home with a cup of tea and made me smile in the way she ran her household and family. She was a strong and positive role model to her two sons, two daughters, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Anne’s life celebration and goodbye service, was held on Monday, attended by many and with generous, loving speeches and eulogies given throughout.

Annie-May’s Flowers – From Anthony & Our Daughter

It was a huge honour to know Anne and be welcomed as a member of her lovely family. She will be truly and deeply missed, loved and remembered fondly, by all who had the pleasure to know her. Thank you, Anne, for raising such a wonderful man – your eldest Grandson, Anthony. He has your strength, ‘I’m fine’ attitude and ‘to the point’ view of the world. It keeps him honest and means people trust his word. He may look like a Lennard, but he has some wonderful Webber traits from you, it’s a wonderful gift and you gave it to him. I know how proud you and Grandad Doug, are of Anthony; his amazing abilities as a father and Grandson, his dedication to caring for me and his career progression. Visiting you, always made him smile and laugh, we will treasure all those beautiful memories forevermore.

Our household is beyond excited for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. Anthony and I, have been re-watching all the episodes from series one to series seven. Our favourite scenes/episodes are; The Battle of the Bastards and Hardhome. Personally, I feel that GoT gets better with every season, but Anthony thought series seven wasn’t so strong and believes it has something to do with George R.R. Martin not finishing the last two books, so not having anything for the show writers to reference. For us, series eight will either be a huge hit or a disappointment, I’m really hoping for the former!

To my loyal and regular readers, thank you for your ongoing support. Please bear with me during this bout of fatigue, I am doing all I can to rest and battle through it. To those of you who are self employed or running a business, please feel free to contact me regarding advertising on Terminally Tough, I am currently offering a big discount to my regular readers and family members.

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