R E B L O G – PTSD in NICU Parents.

One of best friends, Tammy, has had two poorly babies in NICU, Jamie and Lexi-May, they are both my Godchildren, along with their middle Sister Louise. Sadly, I have several friends who have had NICU babies, some survived because of the vital help of NICU staff, but tragically some have passed away despite their great efforts.

Anthony and I know what it is like to lose a baby, so we appreciate the work of all NICU staff. However, one thing that has hit our NICU parent friends hard, is dealing with life after NICU, in particular the parents mental health.

My wonderful friend Keeley, posted this article she read on THE MIGHTY, to her social media. Keeley, is Mother to; Isla-Mae, Ava-Grace, Sprog and Baby H. Ava and Sprog, had their beautiful lives cut way too short, Ava was a NICU Baby along with her Twin Sister Isla and their Baby Sister, H. Of all people, Keeley understands just how tough life is after NICU. I’m so pleased that she chose to share this article, I hope by me passing it along it will help other parents in the same situation.

We Need to Talk About PTSD in NICU Parents  – by Catriona Ogilvy

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