The beginning of my journey through Holistic Therapies

When we were given my life expectancy and terminal diagnosis, we were also told that conventional medicine was never really going to give me much relief. After hearing this, we decided to go down the less conventional route and look into holistic therapies.

My Aunt is a reflexologist and offered to give me some taster sessions to see if they helped at all. I was unsure after my first few sessions and after a while I realised that I couldn’t feel the benefit. However, what I loved about reflexology was; the relaxation and despite me not particularly benefiting from it, it did absolutely no harm to my body like a medical or drug trial would have done. That in itself was a huge eye-opener and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to try it.



1. A system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body.

During a particularly difficult time with my health, we were going through tremendous upheaval as a family also. I started to lose my hair, including eyelashes and brows, due to the stress and pressure put on my body. I decided I wanted more permanent eyebrows, my Mother and Sister were gifted with thick and dark brows. Mine have always been fair and sparse, which wasn’t helped by facial surgery I had at 5/6 months old, leaving me a with a scar through my brow. Because of this scar, brow products never had much hair to cling too and would also pool in the scars indent.

That is when I found the beautiful Stephanie Jackson. Steph micro-bladed my brows to a shape and colour that suited my face and complexion. Steph is meticulous in her work and aftercare and offers such fair and competitive pricing, so I knew from that moment on I never wanted to go elsewhere. Steph, is the brow Queen and I wouldn’t trust anyone more than I do her, with my face! After getting to know me and my situation, Steph introduced me to the work of her Sister, Sophie Jackson. Steph knew that we would get along and thought that through Sophie, I could safely experiment with more holistic approaches to my lifestyle and health.

Stephanie Jackson Ltd
Advanced Microblading Artist 
Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist
Advanced Lash Lift Technician  
Chelsea, London SW1

The Jackson Sisters are a force to be reckoned with! Steph, gives you physical confidence and enhances your natural beauty. Sophie, brings you inner peace and understanding from within. Sophie, practises holistic therapies, one being Soul-Plan Reading. During this period, I had only tried reflexology, so was still sceptical of holistic therapies, but did not want to write them off completely after only a few unsuccessful experiences.

Sophie Jackson Healing
Qualified Reiki Practitioner
Qualified Soul Plan Practitioner Spiritual Life Coach Student at Holistic Healing College London Tarot Card Reader

Soul-Plan Reading

1. Works on the conscious and unconscious level to bring the recipient greater freedom, connection, satisfaction, healing and life purpose.

Sophie and I talked and she said that she was really interested in giving me a Soul-Plan Reading. I too was curious as to grasp a greater understanding of my body, should I follow my dream of writing or was I going to remain in this limbo. Was there ever going to be a way I could conquer my inner fears or let go of the negative energy and start healing my body from the inside out? It is all well and good to slap on a full face of make up, style my hair and wear the latest fashions, but knowing I felt so out of control and out of tune with myself on the inside, made me take a leap of faith and put this trust in Sophie’s hands.

Well, I feel like I owe my whole writing career and inner peace to Sophie. At a time where I desperately need some clarity, she was honest with me, soothing, caring and trustworthy, with some deep and dark energy she felt. Sophie actually told me she could feel my pain through the energy and vibrations given off during my reading, to the point where it upset her. I needed some guidance, but knew it had to be from someone outside my family or immediate friendship group.

I was drowning and barely keeping my head above the water.

Sophie gave me the ability to swim.

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