Get To Know Me – Questions From My Readers

I am flattered by the amount of readers who wish to get to know the person behind the blog posts. Below are some of the most asked questions via my blog and social media.

  1. Age & Location? I am currently 25, but turn 26 in a few months. I live in the beautiful Surrey countryside, just outside London in the UK.
    2. First Job? My first job was as a babysitter and then a dancer teacher.
    3. Dream Job? My dream job was to work with Dogs, but since becoming so ill and unfit to work my dreams have changed and I would now love to write professionally.
    4. Favourite Footwear? For roughly 6 months of the year I live in UGG Boots, but I prefer to be barefoot.
    5. Favourite Sweets? I think it would be Haribo, but if chocolate is included in this, then 100% a chocolate!
    6. Favourite Ice Cream? Strawberries and Cream by Haagen Dazs, Thanks Dad!
    7. Favourite Pizza? I love Italian sausage, mixed peppers, black olives, mozzarella and pesto.
    8. Firm Mattress, Soft Mattress or Waterbed? 100% Firm, Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress!
    9. Favourite Day of the Week? Sundays, I am most relaxed on a Sunday morning/afternoon.
    10. Favourite Flowers? Anthony always says I am a cheap date because he doesn’t have to spend a fortune on flowers for me. I hate flowers, I have since I was a child. They remind me of funerals, to me they symbolise the passing of a loved one.
    11. How many tattoos do you have? I have 4 tattoos. Two small pieces, a large cover up and a large portrait.
    12. How many piercings do you have? These days, I just have two holes in each earlobe.
    13. Night Out or Night In? These days, I much prefer a night in. Girls night out would be absolutely amazing, but I don’t think my body would keep up with my expectations these days.
    14. Gold, Rose Gold or Silver Jewellery? My preference is gold jewellery for everyday wear, but I do have some beautiful silver/platinum pieces which I wear on special occasions. Rose Gold looks awful against my skin tone.
    15. How many surgeries have you had in total? I can’t give you an accurate number to that, I would estimate 10 plus, minimum.

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