Brave The Shave For MacMillan

One of my dearest friends and by far the most selfless person on this earth is Sophie Smith.

Sophie, has extreme chronic illness which is incredibly debilitating. Recently, one of Sophie’s symptoms became so bad, she was diagnosed with a neurological condition which left her partially paralysed overnight and she spent a while as a hospital inpatient.

Due to Sophie’s daily battle with various illnesses, she has a great understanding of how tragic and harmful illness can be to young lives. Being so selfless, Sophie decided that one way she could show support was weekly/daily online encouragements to her fellow sufferers. Sophie also sends cards, gifts and care packages to those who she feels are more in need than herself.

However, after losing a friend called Sarah to cancer, Sophie took a huge step and decided to make a drastic statement to raise funds and awareness for MacMillan. Sophie has shaved her head in solidarity to those battling terminal illness as part of MacMillan’s ‘Brave The Shave’ campaign, in memory of her friend, Sarah.

Sophie Smith

Despite Sophie’s extreme pain and various complex conditions, she continually puts her friends and their fight for wellness before her own. When you have chronic or terminal illness, friends and family fall away. You’re socialising capabilities decrease rapidly and stay confined to a mere few visitors/friends. It is one of the most isolating parts of illness. However, by joining online communities, it can elevate some of that isolation and you can find like-minded people and others in the same or similar situations as you.

This is how I met Sophie, it was 4/5 years ago now and I feel blessed to have such a courageous, generous and kind-hearted friend. Travelling and expenses can be a huge issue when you are medically unfit to work, we are constantly changing/cancelling plans last minute because our bodies are just not coping or stable enough to travel. This means that we do not see each other half as much as we long to, but we are only a phone call or FaceTime away.

I whole-heartedly believe, that if more people in this world were like Sophie, then it would be a happier, kinder and more fulfilling life. I don’t know about you, but I think Sophie is rocking the shaved head/This Is England, look!

To donate to Sophie’s cause and support the MacMillan Campaign, then please follow the link below. Thank you.

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