B U T T O N S & L E A S H

To all my loyal readers/followers,

Please check out and follow, @buttonsandleash on Instagram, it is our family business.

Anthony was inspired by our family dogs Buttons & Chippy, to pursue his dream career, which is working with dogs.

Dog walking had been a pipe dream of Anthony’s for many years, but life kept getting in the way. So, the idea of Buttons & Leash Dog Walking, was put on hold.

A short while later, we were devastated to learn, that Chippy was dying from cancer. It was the push we needed, Buttons & Leash was born and it will be Chippy’s legacy.

Buttons & Leash Dog Walking, is quickly becoming incredibly successful. Anthony’s dedication and hard work is obvious, especially when reading reviews and testimonials from his clients and their families. For Anthony, this is so much more than a hobby or a job, it’s a way of life. To see the bond and trust emerging between Anthony and his furry clients, is heartwarming.

Anthony’s tireless work ethic is paying off and we would love for you follow our journey. Our social media pages and website are currently under construction, but we are very much open for business. We are currently fully booked on weekdays over the summer period, but still have many weekend spots available!

To get in touch, please follow our Instagram page @buttonsandleash and our hashtag #ButtonsAndLeash. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at ButtonsAndLeash@gmail.com.

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