Children and Disability Hate Crime

My regular readers are aware that I have been on the receiving end of some pretty horrendous disability hate crime. Sadly, even in 2020 these kinds of discrimination are still rife and its only getting worse.

Organisations like Stop Hate UK are a lifeline for those of us dealing with and recovering from such encounters and I am huge supporter of them. They have a Stop Hate Campaign, which I follow and work with very closely and I will continue to campaign, write and speak about disability hate crime until it is has the legal consequences it deserves.

In our family disability is a normal aspect family life because of my illnesses and disabilities, so it wasn’t until our daughter started nursery and school that she realised not all families are like ours. I found this short clip from the BBC, speaking to disabled children about disability hate crime.

I hope this serves as an educational and an eye opening piece. Some children aren’t as lucky as my daughter and although she lives a life surrounded by disability, it is important that I educate her in all types of disability. Just because someone is different does not mean they are any less worthy of respect. My daughter has learnt to use her words and her voice, to stand up for what she believes in and her friends who have been picked on because they are disabled.

Baby Girl, this one is for you. Love Mumma x

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