Valentine’s Day: Surprise! & Get To Know Us❤️

This Valentine’s Day, my best friend got engaged to the love of her life. Jade and I have been friends for years, but have known each other since we were about 4/5 years old. In our teens we became best friends and as my family life started to begin here in the UK, Jade announced that she was moving to Australia and travelling round parts of Europe with this wonderful man she had met, Dylan.

Dylan was visiting the UK from his home is Australia and touring various places in Europe and whilst he was here, they fell in love. Neither of them were looking for love, but Jade had always wanted to travel and if I’m honest, I never saw her settling down in the UK. Fast forward 5 years, Jade and Dylan have settled into the most fantastic life together down under and have both achieved incredible goals; individually, professionally and now personally by getting married!

It can be so tough living without my best friend, not just because I’m poorly or because she is so far away, but because every day something happens that I want to talk to her about and the time difference makes things tricky. But on Valentine’s Day, whilst on holiday in Melbourne, Dylan popped the question and of course Jade said YES! I FaceTimed them immediately and interrupted their celebrations at the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, where they were being lavished with the luxuries they deserve! I was sitting on the sofa with my father-in-law and scrolling through Facebook and “BING”, there it popped up, the notification I had always dreamed of receiving from so far away.

I could not have chosen a kinder and more amazing man to marry my best friend and I wish them the happiest and healthiest life together. I love you both dearly and cannot wait to see what your future together holds. You inspire me and I am always with you, you even inspired me to write a little Valentine’s Day post about my relationship and for that, I thank you.

Mr and Mrs Ross-To-Be

Get To Know Us

How Did You Meet? We first met in 2013 on a dating website, but did not meet up for our first date until nearly a year later.

First Date: Neither of us were looking to fall in love, but we wanted companionship as our lives were chaotic, so we thought we would keep it casual and go for Sunday Lunch. That is where everything changed. Afterwards, we grabbed some hot chocolate and headed to a local view point and chatted for hours. It was Autumn, so the views were stunning and I remember not wanting to ever go home.

Second Date: For our second date, we went to London Zoo. We are both obsessed with dogs, but love all animals in general. I remember him staring at my butt a lot and how I had a massive panic attack in front of the birds of prey because I have a huge phobia of birds.

Age Difference: 1 year 10 months 18 days.

Relationship Length: We have officially been together for 6 years in October 2020.

Who Was Interested First? Anthony messaged first online and then again on Instagram the year after we had met. His message to me on Instagram was, “Wow, I forgot how beautiful you are”. He can charm the birds from the trees!

Who Asked Who Out On A Date? He asked me for a date, but made it clear that this would be a casual thing and he wasn’t in a place to commit etc. I remember saying to a girlfriend at the time, “Well, a girl has to eat!”. Oh how things change!

Who Kissed Who First? Our first date was only supposed to be lunch, but ended up being a whole day outing. I have never given the goods away for free, but at the end of our date he dropped me home and said, “Are you going to keep me waiting any longer? I’ve been dying for a kiss all day!”. I couldn’t resist him then and I cannot resist him now.

Who Is Taller? Anthony is taller than me by 1 inch. Every inch counts When you’re 5″3 and 5″4!

When Did You Say, “I Love You”.? I said, “I love you” first, it was three months into our relationship and it was the perfect moment. I can still see it so clearly in my mind. Anthony said it straight back.

Who Is Most Impatient? We can both be impatient, but personally I would have to say that Anthony is the most impatient.

Who Is Most Sensitive? There is no doubt that I am most certainly the sensitive one in our relationship. I really take things to heart and wear my heart on my sleeve. Poor Anthony has a really hard time dealing with my sensitivity, but having said that I have become much tougher these last 5 years.

Who Is The Loudest? Me, 100% me! Anthony plays his music and his PlayStation loudly, but my voice and laugh are much louder than his.

Who Is The Most Stubborn? This is the easiest question ever! Anthony is by far the most stubborn person I have ever met. He makes certain exceptions in his stubbornness, but he’s stubborn about that too.

Which One Of You Falls Asleep First? Anthony almost always falls asleep first, unless I am particularly unwell. Anthony has had sleep issues for years and must take medication to help with that. Also, he can fall asleep just about anywhere. I nap during the day, as my morning medications make me quite drowsy at present, but hopefully that may change this year.

Who Is The Better Cook? I am the better cook, but due to my current health situation I am forever hurting myself and have accidentally scolded Anthony whilst cooking in the kitchen, so these days he cooks. He gets better and better the more he does it and in the last 6 months his cooking ability has reached a new high. I don’t like that he has to cook, because I prefer traditional household rolls.

Are You Morning People? I am happy in the morning, but my morning medications do make me drowsy. In general I would say yes, I am a morning person but Anthony may disagree. He is most certainly not a morning person and you should avoid him at all costs until he has eaten.

Are You Competitive? As a couple we are not competitive with one another, but individually I would say we can be quite competitive. We certainly love a good debate on who is right, I always loose!

Who Is Funniest? Anthony is an incredibly funny man, but at least once a day he laughs at something silly I’ve done. Anthony’s humour is dark and twisty, most people take a while to get used to his comedy but it is comedy gold.

Do You Have any Children? Yes, we have two daughters. One Earth-side, and one in Heaven.

Favourite Things To Do Together: We adore our dogs, so for Anthony’s 28th birthday I bought him a Belgian Tervuren Shepherd who we named Tywin (after Game of Thrones). Tywin and his Daddy are inseparable and I truly believe they’re soulmates. Watching them play together makes me fall more in love with each of them. Of course, Anthony is an amazing Father and very much a family man when it comes to his daughters. Being a Mother is the greatest gift anyone has given me, so we spend all our free time as a family. As a couple, we like to get engrossed in TV series together of a night in bed, we regularly have movie date nights, go out for dinner, walk the dog, go to the dog park, work on his business, debate and discuss anything and everything and we host the best gaming nights. With us, we don’t have to being physically doing something but just being in each others presence is enough.

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