Tywin Turns One!

My darling Son, Tywin turns one year old today. Tywin is a Belgian Tervuren Shepherd and is my registered service dog. Tywin alerts to my fainting spells, seizures and heart issues and he can smell and pinpoint my bladder cancer. Tywin is also my emotional support dog, to help me cope with PTSD and can now “get help” without me even asking for it.

Tywin @ faceBark
Photo Credit: Michael Clement

It is safe to say, Tywin knows me inside out and despite being the worlds biggest daddy’s boy, he is dedicated to working and being all mine day in, day out. We spend all day, every day together and I feel like a part of me is missing if we are ever apart, which is extremely rare.

Our family has unfortunately experienced several types of trauma over the last 6 years, somethings that no family should ever face. Tywin has helped us all; heal, recover and move on, in particular me and his fantastic Dad. Tywin loves no one as much as his Daddy and watching them; play, train, learn and snuggle together, just fills my heart with joy. I cannot stop the huge smile that always spreads across my face.

Tywin & his Daddy

Tywin was born with a deformed paw, which makes him disabled just like his Mumma. Tywin is not worked when he has flare ups, but keeping that boy from even one walk only ends in him jumping around and hurting himself more! We are waiting until he is fully grown to take the next step in his journey to wellness, on advice of his vet. Tywin has been having treatment on and off since birth, but due to his fast growth rate his scar tissue keeps splitting open causing infections and unnecessary pain, so we have made the tough choice to wait until he is full grown.

Today 25/02/2020 is Tywin’s 1st Birthday! We are the proudest parents because Tywin has achieved and overcome so very much in such a short space of time. Our lives were 100% missing something before he came into our family and I feel so blessed that he became our Son. In all fairness, his Daddy was completely outnumbered and needed another handsome fella in the house to save him from the girls!

I don’t feel like I can express the love and gratitude I have for Tywin adequately enough. He came into my life at by far one of the most heartbreaking times of my life, Chippy (our Chocolate Labrador) had been diagnosed with such an aggressive cancer and within a month of Tywin joining the family, Chippy passed away. I honestly believe that I would’ve hit rock bottom once again if I didn’t have Tywin to get me up, help me through and give me someone to pour all that excess love into. That is something I shall never be able to repay, no matter how hard I try.

It’s true what they say, “Humans don’t deserve Dogs”. Tywin is beyond anything I could have imagined or dreamed of and I know in my soul he was made for us, but Mum guilt tells me that he still deserves more. Luckily for Tywin, his life is soon about to change for the better as he’ll be able to go to work with his Daddy each and every day. Having a dog walker and dog trainer for his Dad makes him one lucky boy! Tywin can be so painfully shy, but when he is working or has his Daddy by his side, he can conquer the world.

Tywin & Daddy – Snuggle Buddies For Life

At present, Tywin is asleep at the end of my new bed. He was waiting by the window for his Dad to come home and has fallen asleep. Tywin has been spoilt all day in celebration of his birthday and the celebrations will continue further into the week. This morning, we did training and he got some of his favourite treats from Pets Corner. This afternoon, we played and he got an extra large roast beef bone from Nylabone and he’s thoroughly worn himself out. This evening, when his Daddy gets home, Tywin will be presented with his birthday cake. It is shaped in the number “1” and is pretty much a homemade Shepherds Pie, lovingly prepared by his best friend, his Dad.

Tomorrows antics consist of; playtime and a present from his Auntie Carol, a playdate and a doggy cake from his girlfriend Twirl and her big sister Cadbury and then a long nap on Daddy’s side of the bed. Finally, on Friday, Tywin’s wonderful Grandad will be over (as he is every Friday), they will play and snuggle non-stop all day long, followed by a double helping of fun with his friends at his local dog meet, faceBark on Saturday and Sunday!

Twirl(L), Tywin(R) & Twirl’s Big Brother
Photo Credit: Michael Clement

Now, that’s one happy and spoilt boy❤️. Happy 1st Birthday Tywin.

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