Random Questions From My Followers – Asked & Answered

I get lots of private messages via social media, asking me random questions about my life. I thought I would answer a few of my most frequently asked questions, that I have complied since the beginning of 2020. Enjoy!


Name: Willow Lennard

Age: 26

Status: Taken

Location: Surrey, UK

Height: 163cm – 5″3′ Exactly

Eye Colour: Green

Complexion: Pale, Neutral Undertone, with Freckles

Sexuality: Pansexual


Favourite Colour: Emerald Green

Favourite Singer/Artist: Adele, Beyonće, Ed Sheeran and Stormy

Favourite Song: Robbie Williams – Angels

Favourite Film: Forrest Gump 

Favourite TV Show: Greys Anatomy 

Favourite Food: Pasta

Favourite Word: Darling

Favourite Drink: Tea 


Pepsi Or Coke: Pepsi Max

Work Or Bed: Work


Hugs Or Kisses: Hugs

Car or Bicycle: Car

Fame and Wealth Or Average and Poor: Average and Poor

90’s or 00’s: 90’s

Loud or Quiet: Quiet


Have You Ever Smoked: Once, hated it!

Have You Ever Cried Yourself To Sleep: Sadly, Yes

Have You Ever Snuck Out: Yes

Have You Ever Eaten Mouldy Food: No

Have You Ever Been Bullied: Yes

Have You Ever Wanted To Kill Someone: No

Have You Ever Had Food Poisoning: I don’t know

Have You Ever Taken Drugs: Never! They have never interested me in the slightest.


Do You Smoke: Absolutely Not!

Do You Drink Alcohol: I have roughly 2 alcoholic drinks a year, at most.

Do You Love Your Parents: Yes, of course

Do You Have A Fashion Style: Comfy Casual

Do You Have Pets: Three Dogs, Buttons, Chippy and Tywin

Do You Hate Life: Absolutely Not!

Do You Love Life: Yes, I do

Do You Drive: Medically Unfit to Drive

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