Couples Challenge

We were challenged by a fellow blogger to ask each other 21 questions to see how well we know each other. Anthony thoroughly enjoyed taking the Mickey out of me and although we irritate the life out of each other, we couldn’t be happier. Both of us had extremely accurate answers, but then we do know each other inside and out.

Number 1 – What is something I say a lot?

 Anthony’s Answer: Babe, can you come here?

Willow’s Answer: Tywin!

Number 2 – What makes me happy?

 Anthony’s Answer: The Dogs, Me, Food.

Willow’s Answer: Dogs, Silence, Solitude, Pandemics.

Number 3 – What am I good at? 

 Anthony’s Answer: Talking, Listening, Cooking.

Willow’s Answer: Being a Dad, looking after me, being a child.

Number 4 – What am I not good at? 

 Anthony’s Answer: Being Quiet, Video Games.

Willow’s Answer: Being patient, speaking loudly and human interaction.

Number 5 – How tall am I?

 Anthony’s Answer: 5”3’

Willow’s Answer: 5”4’

Number 6 – What’s my favourite thing to do? 

Anthony’s Answer: Cuddle the dog, spending time with me.

Willow’s Answer: Sit in silence with no human interaction whilst playing football manager.

Number 7 – What do I do when you’re not around? 

 Anthony’s Answer: Cry.

Willow’s Answer: Jump for joy!

Number 8 – What makes you proud of me?

 Anthony’s Answer: That fact that you’re still alive.

Willow’s Answer: How you love & care of our family, your sense of right and wrong, your strong moral compass.

Number 9 – What is my favourite food?

 Anthony’s Answer: Ice Cream, Mac & Cheese, Chocolate.

Willow’s Answer: Pizza, FlapJacks and Phish Food Ice Cream.

Number 10 – Where is my favourite place to visit? 

 Anthony’s Answer: Hever Castle.

Willow’s Answer: The sofa.

Number 11 – If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

 Anthony’s Answer: Disney World or Adelaide to see Jade.

Willow’s Answer: Bermuda Triangle

Number 12 – Do you think you could live without me?

 Anthony’s Answer: Yes.

Willow’s Answer: Yes, I could, but I don’t want to.

Number 13 – How do I annoy you? 

 Anthony’s Answer: Not enough space to answer how much you annoy me.

Willow’s Answer: Your personality. 

Number 14 – Who is my celebrity crush?

 Anthony’s Answer: Will Smith

Willow’s Answer: Margo Robbie and Scarlett Johansson.

Number 15 – You get a phone call that I am in trouble…who am I with?

 Anthony’s Answer: No one.

Willow’s Answer: Dan.

Number 16 – What’s my best feature? 

 Anthony’s Answer: Mouth

Willow’s Answer: Beard

Number 17 – What do I hate? 

  Anthony’s Answer: Dick’eads.

Willow’s Answer: People.

Number 18 – What’s my favourite drink?  

 Anthony’s Answer: BP Hot Chocolate.

Willow’s Answer: Mojito.

Number 19 – What gets my temper going the most? 

 Anthony’s Answer: Me!

Willow’s Answer: People being annoying.

Number 20 – Whats my shoe size? 

 Anthony’s Answer: UK7

Willow’s Answer: UK10

Number 21 – If I was famous, what would I be famous for? 

 Anthony’s Answer: Dying!

Willow’s Answer: Saying something you shouldn’t to the wrong person🤦‍♀️.

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