Blessings & Struggles in a Pandemic

Last night, we had our traditional game night, but we hosted it online rather than at our house. All the adults in our house were in separate rooms, as were our closest friends who joined us online, but it was still an extremely fun filled evening.

I’ve been feeling rough the last few days and yesterday it all came to a head when I was violently sick. It’s strange really, no matter how poorly I am on a daily basis and despite one main symptom of several of my conditions being vomiting, I am rarely sick. So much so, that when I rang my Dad to check in with him, he kind of panicked a bit.

I’ve been feeling a little sorry for myself and needed a pick me up, so I joined our online game for a couple of hours, from the comfort of my bed and with Tywin at my side. Tywin was eating his bone and snacks and it was a pleasure to hear so much laughter at a time when the world seems to be falling apart.

I woke up in the early hours of this morning feeling quite somber and frankly, extremely lucky to still be alive and having not yet caught this deadly virus plaguing our society. However, it is starting to really hurt some people I hold dear and it’s left me feeling pretty deep in thought and with a physical pain in my heart.

My best friend of 20 years, had a grandparent die quite suddenly, a few days ago from this horrendous virus. He was alone in hospital and had bravely battled cancer, before this hideous virus took hold. A school friend had her father pass away and I worry constantly about my Mum & Sister, who are working on the front line for the NHS & Police Force.

We were then told that our Auntie had covid & her partner of 23 years has been rushed to intensive care. I rang my Dad to update him and check in, as he is a high risk and was relieved to know that he’s currently okay. However, a friend and neighbour of his was made redundant due to the virus and signed on to the army of volunteers.

Dad lives on a road that houses a private hospital, it’s been transformed into what is essentially a covid hospice. Dads neighbour has moved 87 bodies out of the hospital, as part of the volunteer scheme and it has understandably hit him like a brick wall.

This nice man has various jobs under the volunteer scheme and one was dropping off supplies to a home. This brave man, walked in to find an ex-colleague suffering extreme covid symptoms and rang for an ambulance. The crews were so overrun with emergent cases that they knew they couldn’t get to this poor man for 30 minutes or more. He just knew he had to get this poor man some help as it was now or never and managed to get him into his car. He was driving his old pal to hospital, when he realised the poor man had passed away in the seat next to him.

This whole pandemic is just heartbreaking, gut wrenching and cruel, it clearly doesn’t discriminate. I feel like I should be doing so much more to help anyone and everyone, and I’m struggling to not scream out in frustration. I count my blessings daily and thank Anthony & Daniel for keeping well and safe, they’re doing a brilliant job! I know my parents and wiser family are thankful for me to have them too, because despite their own struggles at present, they’re still worrying about me.

I would just like to say, “thank you“, to all of our frontline workers. Whether you are; someone cooking for a vulnerable neighbour, an NHS worker, in the Volunteer Army, a carer, a shop worker, a benefits officer, helping at a food bank, delivery driver, cleaner, a bin man, or even just abiding by lockdown law! You are keeping our country going, protecting and servicing your local community, helping keep those around you safe and I salute you.

My hope is that after this pandemic is under control, we learn from past generation (like my great-grandparents and the war babies) and come together more often. Take greater pride in our communities, get to know our neighbours, thank our bus driver, let the emergency responders jump the queue at the petrol station, feed/clothe/house the less fortunate, respect our Police Force, vote wisely and for the greater good come election time and above all, love and care for our nearest and dearest, protect one another and count our blessings more often.

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