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Welcome, my name is Willow Lennard and I am the founder of Terminally Tough. Terminally Tough was started as a form of self help, my health was deteriorating, there were ongoing issues within my family and I needed an outlet for my pain. Firstly, I started to write in secret but as my writing became more regular, I felt a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I was never a gifted writer as a teenager, in fact I steered away from it as much as possible but now, it felt so freeing and brutally honest to the point where, when I read it back I couldn’t quite believe that I had written it.

Secondly, I wanted to share this method of healing and self expression with people in the chronic illness community, illness can be so isolating and all medical services are stretched (including mental health services), so I hoped that someone may benefit from writing too. However, people were more interested in reading what I had been writing and asked for a link to my blog. I had never read a blog , yet alone written one so I had no idea where to start from. I spoke to my family, did a lot of research and decided to start an anonymous blog on WordPress. Of course, once I shared the link to Terminally Tough within the chronic illness community, the anonymity soon faded away and people were sending me messages of support and demanding more content . I was flattered and overwhelmed by the positivity, love and compassion these wonderful people had shown me, but my health had deteriorated significantly and my diagnosis had gone from chronic, to terminal. 

During this time, partly due to the success of Terminally Tough, I became a target of disability hate crime, this topped with the change in my diagnosis sent me over the edge and I could no longer cope. I was advised to take a lengthy break from blogging, but never stopped writing.During this absence, I devoted time to myself to focus on me, my family, children and new puppy. I still desperately wanted to help others, so I anonymously helped campaign for; equal parental rights, children’s rights and disability rights. Supported multiple charities, donated any spare money, clothing, make up, toiletries and food, to local food banks and organisations that do not receive funding but purely survive on donations. This keeps me going and allows me to stay strong and focused on my personal goals when I know I have helped those in need. 

My mother raised me with the saying, “There is always someone less fortunate than you”, and that has stuck with me all these years. No matter what my circumstances, there is always someone worse off who needs; help, support, friendship and sometimes just someone to share the silence with them.Of course, 2020 isn’t going to without its hardships, but with my family and friends by my side and being confident enough to rebuild Terminally Tough to its former glory, I feel ready to conquer anything and everything thrown my way. 

To follow my ongoing journey, please follow my blog and turn on the email notifications so all new posts can be sent directly to your inbox.

Terminally Tough™️ and all site content is owned by Willow Lennard. Original Photos and Media are Copyright of Willow Lennard 2020©

Photos or media featuring my children will not be posted. Some names have been changed to protect identities.

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